Friday, September 2, 2011

Scene Hairstyles for Boys

To understand what a Scene hairstyle is, have a look back to some of the best of the music scene in the 1980’s, and you will see that this is actually a retro look from that time period. There does not seem to be a precise definition of the Scene hairstyle, but it is a style that is constantly changing. What seems to confuse people a lot is the similarity between the Scene hair and the Emo hairstyle.
long scene hairstyle for scene boys

The scene hairstyles for boys are generally made through sharp line cuts.
The length of the hair can vary from one person to the other depending on their taste, but it’s better to have chin hair length so you can get the proper layers to achieve the scene look.
scene boys hairstyle 2009 – 2010
The hair is usually longer in the back, about 3 inches with long side sweeping bangs in front. This type of hairstyle requires a lot of layers and hair styling products.
The hair can have chunks of several colors, usually colors that stand out. The most common hair color is black with blonde and red chunks.
Being scene isn’t about being like everybody else and integrate into a group – it’s about being confident, making a statement about who you.
So be original, be yourself and experiment with different scene hairstyles.
Scene Hairstyles for Boys
hot scene boys hair style picture

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