Monday, August 29, 2011

Short hair?

Had been browsing for short hair lately... N i wished to chop my hair! >.<
Damn... i remembered that i look really bad in short hair, back in highschool... But then... hmm... its really tempting to cut when i see all those piccas.

horikita maki FTW! *loves*
They all look so kawaii and otona at the same time! How i wish i could try. >.<

But then, i gotta keep my hair till Bon Odori (16 July Sat) to do some nice hairdo alongside with the yukata! Tho i have yukata for quite some years, this is the 1st time i will be wearing to the event!
*since every year gotta dance guest performance... no chance to look cute... lol* i know i not cute to start with... fml...

Perhaps i just buy wigs? Anybody wanna sell 2nd hand wigs to me ah? short nice ones~ Cuz i scared to cut.
Since i never been to professional cut before (by most is student cut, but usually, my mom cut for me), the style i want usually turns out FAILED!

Dunno my face suitable for short hair a not... Maybe not...

*old pic* - its long but i hid it
But really, girls with short hair are smexy too!

Armpit hair adds to the smexiness~ XD its short hair wert~

What do you think?

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