Friday, August 5, 2011

Youtube II Original : Open My Heart

I've always been inspired to write things in the back of my notes when I was younger, and along with the doodles were lyrics.

I've always had a knack for creating short verses and nonsense songs in the middle of class, and I found that I had so much more to write about the more I talk to people. They have interesting lives and so I put it down on paper in a more metaphoric artistic way---I guess it could be explained in that way.

'Open My Heart' is an original composition by myself, that I wrote one morning after a rough night because I just couldn't get some thoughts out of my head. I grew rather unsettled because of it so I just had to put it into song.

It had gone through a couple of revisions before I was finally pleased with the song as a whole.

Here it is~ I hope you enjoy listening it's debut online~

Open My Heart
Krisan Jacomina

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